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Seeking Shelter at Big M

Seeking Shelter at Big M

cherk's works: Samsung's fast killer compact camera


  • Fast lens, checked!
  • Wi-fi, checked!
  • Swivel screen, checked!
  • Manual controls, checked!
  • RAW shooting capability, checked!

I would like to thank Samsung Singapore for this opportunity to try out the EX2F high end compact camera. Overall, Samsung has created a well-balanced high end compact…


Human Feelings as Drugs

I’ve realized I had been witnessing for a long time a lack of feelings, those feeling that are at the base of human interaction, cooperation and well-being generally.
Although good human interactions and feelings always find a way to be expressed, the hectic lifestyle we are immersed in makes things more difficult, and the high stress levels sometimes lead people to find recovery using medications, pain-relief drugs and so on…
The high street market offers a complete range of drugs that should help people recovering from a huge variety of illnesses and their symptoms… but what if those symptoms were only a lack of satisfaction on a spiritual level?
I have created a series of alternative medicines, vials that contain concentrated amounts of human feelings and ways of interaction such as Love, Empathy, Peace…
I wish they could really work!…but my aim is to show them as a reminder of what sometimes are the only necessary things to live a better and brighter life.

Valerio :)

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We are excited about Super Trees: the 18 vertical garden structures of flowering ferns, creepers and climbers, between 25 to 50 metres in height, at the newly opened Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

The tallest structure will house a bistro from which 360 panoramic views can be had of the gardens and the surrounding cityscape.

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